Corporate Safes

Drop Safe

Drop safes with drawers provide the capabilities you need to protect your assets with features tailored to the needs of your store operations. The mail-box drop slots allow staff on each shift to make deposits directly into individual compartments in the safe.

Extra cash tills or change funds can be kept in the lower safe compartment. The CS2820 safe is fit with two electronic locks, one for each compartment, and each lock is programmable with up to eight user codes per lock limiting access to those who need it. In addition, setting a time delay on either lock can be a strong armed robbery and burglary deterrent.


  • Drop drawer design is the most "fish" resistant way of protecting deposits.
  • B-Rate 1/2" solid A36 steel door, sledgehammer and pry bar resistant
  • Auto door detent throws closed the bolts to the safe as you close the safe door
  • Thick 1" in diameter, chromed live locking bolts
  • Spring-loaded relocker prevents bolts from moving if safe is attacked
  • Formed, full-welded 1/4" body
  • Adjustable, ballbearing hinge for easier open/close of door
  • U.L. approved locks including biometric upgrade (charge)
  • Scratch resistant, hammer-tone gloss finish
Drop Safe