Armor Safes

Armor 7900w Model

Ideal for cash intensive businesses, the 7900W maintains high levels of cash security in a single safe, while reducing the risk of theft and robbery. This two-door model incorporates up to four bill readers, two of which are locked in a separate compartment that can only be accessed under dual control. There are also additional secure readers in the main compartment.

CacheSYSTEM 7000 Series Safes:

Collect and Secure Cash:
Once your cash is placed in an Armor safe, you can rest assured it will stay there. Our products are designed and constructed to rigorous standards to protect each point of access and reduce your risk of robbery.

Count and Validate Funds:
Each safe is equipped with casino-quality bill validators that provide the highest level of first-time bill acceptance and unsurpassed counterfeit detection. Counted funds are secured in cassettes for easy transport and deposit. This series may be fitted with up to four validators.

Dispense Change:
Our vending magazine is simple to load and count. The inner view provides a visual count of inventory, eliminating reliance on a dipstick.

Audit and Report Activity:
Every transaction is recorded and tracked through each user's personal identification number (PIN), providing a seamless audit trail. More than 30 different types of receipts and reports can be printed on the system's high-speed printer, including end-of-day activity, cash removal and individual user reports.

CacheSYSTEM 7000 safes can be configured to:

Control Remote Safes:
Additional CacheSYSTEM 1200 remote units may be connected to any 7000 Series safe from a distance of up to 4000 feet. The result provides significant flexibility and scalability. All remote information is reconciled in the main unit.

The 7000 series integrates effortlessly with CacheTALKTM III software, allowing the user to access and evaluate transaction data and provide real-time comparisons with POS activity.

7000 Series Features

Every Armor safe is a complete cash handling solution that offers supreme confidence and peace of mind.

Structural Features

  • ½-inch steel plate self-locking vault door with adjustable hinges
  • Three 1-inch chrome-plated locking bolts protected by a drill-resistant hard plate and a spring loaded re-locker
  • Interlocking back flange to prevent hinge attack
  • Pre-drilled with four holes for bolting securely to the floor
  • Drop drawer (5½"W x 9"D x 1"H)
  • Interior locking compartment (11"W x 13"D x 9¼"H)
  • 96- or 120-tube vending capacity
  • User-friendly, liquid resistant keypad

Technology Features

  • Audit trail with over 30 receipts and reports, tracking up to 240 users
  • 10 levels of programmable security
  • Memory stores up to 10,000 transactions
  • High-speed thermal printer
  • Serial Interface (Ethernet optional)
  • Easy upgrading and maintenance

Optional Features

  • Locking or non-locking 1200-note cassettes
  • Single or bulk-note MEI Cashflow® bill validators
  • Extended warranty
  • CacheSYSTEM 1200 series remote validation safes
  • CacheTALK III software for local and remote management


Every Armor safe is accompanied by a standard one-year parts and labor warranty. Premium and extended warranties are also available.

Training and Support

Every Armor safe includes a thorough user manual and a "Quick Reference Guide" to get you started. Individual or group training classes are available. Every customer receives free 24/7 phone support for the lifetime of their safe.

Armor 7900w Model Safe


  • Dimensions: 30¾"W x 20"D x 31"H
  • Approximate weight: 600 lbs
  • Power supply: auto ranging for international or domestic use