Convenient Cash Card - PayCard From MFP

Use PayCard Without Credit Risk

PayCard is a new way to manage your money. PayCard is a MasterCard® or Visa® debit card with your money loaded onto it. You can automatically have all or part of your wages deposited to your card each payday, or transfer money from a checking or savings account. You can then use your PayCard instantaneously, easily and cost-effectively.

PayCard is safer than cash

Eliminate the risk of carrying cash. If your PayCard is lost, it can easily be replaced and its value restored. The funds on your PayCard are also FDIC insured protecting you against losses.

PayCard is accepted worldwide

You can use your PayCard anywhere MasterCard or Visa is accepted - at over 29 million locations throughout the world. You can also get cash at no additional cost by using the “cash-back” option at many retail chains.

PayCard no annual fees or interest; convenient reporting

With your PayCard, you enjoy all the convenience and acceptance of a MasterCard or Visa credit card - without paying interest penalties or annual fees. Using your card is free. Use a convenient website to check balances or statements.

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